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To provide the ultimate wine tour in Sonoma Valley CA, featuring exclusive vineyard access, gourmet pairings, and personalized service to indulge your love for world-class wines.


As a reliable wine tour operator in Sonoma Valley, we aim to offer unforgettable experiences, combining local knowledge, exceptional service, and a passion for wine exploration.

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Luxurious Wine Tour Transportation in Sonoma Valley CA

I-Drive – Designated Drivers of Napa & Sonoma County is a dependable partner for Luxurious Wine Tour Transportation in Sonoma Valley CA. We are experts in tailored wine tours that meet your needs. We aim to ensure your trip is easy and enjoyable by taking care of all the details so you can fully enjoy the vineyards. Our skilled drivers will enhance your trip with fascinating tales and knowledge about the surrounding region and wines, regardless of your level of wine expertise. In addition to wine tours, we offer various transportation services across Napa and Sonoma counties, ensuring that your travel is safe, comfortable, and elegant. Our fully insured Wine Tour Transportation Service eliminate common concerns such as finding your way around, managing schedules, and customizing your experience to align with your wine preferences. Hire us if you want a personalized and inconvenience-free experience in wine country.

Wine Tour in Sonoma Valley CA
Discover New Tastes: Simple and Fun Wine Tour in Sonoma Valley, CA

Discover New Tastes: Simple and Fun Private Wine Tour Sonoma Valley

We use innovative strategies and modern tools to enhance your wine tour in Sonoma Valley CA:

  • Our methods include advanced planning software and traffic updates to make your Private Wine Tour Transportation through Sonoma Valley smooth and timely.
  • We tackle typical wine tour issues like scheduling and navigating by using collaborative technology that adjusts each tour to fit your personal tastes.
  • This approach means you get to enjoy more time at the vineyards without worrying about the details.

Our close relationships with local wineries ensure you gain special access and unique experiences, making us a top choice in wine tourism.


What We Offers


Forget the worry of planning and moving from one winery to another. We handle all the logistics efficiently, from picking you up at your hotel to ensuring you arrive comfortably at each vineyard.


Allow us to lead the way while you relax and enjoy the wine country's breathtaking scenery. Our drivers are your guides and are responsible for turning your journey into an enlightening experience.

Fully Insured Services

You can enjoy the day worry-free since we are completely insured, providing you with peace of mind. Our devotion to your safety complements our promise of a delightful and secure wine tour.

Wine Tours

Whether you prefer the famous labels or the boutique vineyards, our customizable wine tour in Sonoma Valley CA, is intended to suit your taste and style so you can comfortably explore hidden gems.

Frequently Asked Questions

We personalize each tour based on your wine interests. Our local knowledge allows us to suggest wineries aligning with your tastes, whether you're into crisp whites or organic and biodynamic vineyards.

Our tours are perfect for both wine beginners and enthusiasts. Our knowledgeable drivers provide insights into each wine and region, making your experience both educational and enjoyable.

Yes, we specialize in custom itineraries! Whether you have specific wineries in mind or need suggestions based on your preferences, we work with you to create the perfect tour day.

Let us know when booking your tour. We strive to accommodate all needs, whether you require gluten-free options, are vegetarian, or have allergies. We ensure you enjoy every tour aspect, including meals.

Why Choose Us

Simple, Convenient, Accessible

We focus on making everything simple and convenient for you. Our easy booking, flexible schedules, and convenient pickup and drop-off points mean you spend less worrying and more time enjoying.

Efficient Yet Flexible

We adapt to your schedule and preferences, offering efficient and flexible tours. Enjoy the freedom to explore at your pace, with the assurance that each detail is finely tuned to your timing and interests.

I didn't even know where to begin as a newbie. I-Drive - Designated Drivers of Napa & Sonoma County asked about my preferences and put together a tour that felt like it was made just for me. I learned so much about wine and didn't have to stress about finding my way around.

We wanted to spend a fun-filled, carefree weekend away. I-Drive - Designated Drivers of Napa & Sonoma County's local knowledge of the lesser-known wineries was impressive. We discovered some amazing new wines and didn't have to worry about who would drive back to the hotel.

Hear It From Our Happy Clients

My wife and I are wine enthusiasts, but the thought of navigating through countless wineries was overwhelming. I-Drive – Designated Drivers of Napa & Sonoma County took all that stress away. Their driver was so friendly and knew which wineries would suit our tastes.